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30th Annual Bull Round Up Sale Results

March 2, 2009 - Baker City, Oregon

Harrell Hereford Ranch
70 Yearling Bulls $3,489
34 Two Year Old Bulls $2,515
104 Total Bulls $3,170
19 Registered Heifers $1,180
14 Commercial Heifers $910
33 Total Heifers $1,066
Harrell-Mackenzie Quarter Horses
18 Performance Prospects $3,189
2 Yearling Fillies $950
2 Broodmares $1,900
Auctioneer: CD Butch Booker
Sale Management:
United Livestock Brokers, Inc.

Harrell Hereford Ranch presented its 30th Annual Production Sale, a highly successful event driven by the program's adherence to the economics of the American beef industry and their role as a seedstock leader. Through their breeding and customer programs, Harrell’s have emerged as a true genetics and marketing partner for their commercial rancher customers across the U.S.

Bob Harrell and the Harrell family staged this event to cattlemen and horsemen from 11 states and Canada. The schedule included their Hereford production sale, the 11th annual Harrell - Mackenzie Quarter Horse sale and the third annual Northwest Premium Genetic Partnership Cowboy Gathering.

Harrell Herefords have built their reputation upon trait balanced, efficient, problem-free, high desert and mountain country bred cattle backed by hi-accuracy herd sires and the Northwest's #1 Hereford maternal cowherd. The H5 genetics have been well proven from cowherd to carcass in
reputation commercial cow outfits across the West and through established marketing and branded beef programs. Their customer service programs are highlighted by the Northwest Premium Genetic Partners, a Harrell Herefords - Thomas Angus - Beef Northwest feedlot and marketing program that pays premiums for efficiency and carcass quality and yield grade on Harrell and Thomas sired cattle.

A fast paced auction saw cattlemen competing for the breeding power of Hereford bulls and investing in the high maternal and carcass genetics found in Harrell Herefords. The Harrell - Mackenzie Quarter Horses are always popular, featuring one of the standout offerings of started two-year-old performance and ranch prospects that sell in the western U.S. each year. It was a big day for a respected ranching family that is totally dedicated to breeding outstanding Hereford cattle, all-around performance Quarter Horses and providing leadership in customer service and commercial marketing programs.

Top Selling Bulls

$7000 H5 408 Domino 881, 2/08 son of CJH Harland 408.
Buyer - Dufur Herefords, Caddo, Okla.

$6250 H5 Yankee 8203, 2/08 son Churchill Yankee.
Buyer - Y Cross Herefords, Bonanza, Ore.

$6200 H5 Yankee 8160, 2/08 son of Churchill Yankee.
Buyer - LNK Ranches, North Powder, Ore.

$6000 H5 Yankee 8144, 2/08 son of Churchill Yankee.
Buyer - Jay & Mark Clobes, Fairfax, Minn.

$5750 H5 001 Domino 814, 1/08 son of H5 501 Domino 001.
Buyer - Forsea and Hill, Baker City, Ore.

$5600 H5 408 Domino 7146, 3/07 son of CJH Harland 408.
Buyer - Davis Farms, Elkton, S. Dakota.

$5500 H5 001 Domino 819, 1/08 son of H5 501Domino 001.
Buyer - Friedt Herefords, Mott, N. Dakota.

$5100 H5 5147 Domino 8285, 3/08 son of CL1 Domino 5147.
Buyer - Big Gully Farm, Maidstone, Sask.

$4600 H5 Yankee 8129, 2/08 son of Churchill Yankee.
Buyer - Canadian Valley Hereford Ranch, Oklahoma City, Okla.

$4250 H5 5210 Domino 8212, 2/27 son of H5 8020 Domino 5210.
Buyer-Ed Gross, Reardon, Wash.

$4100 H5 001 Domino 811, 1/08 son of H5 501 Domino 001.
Buyer-Mackenzie Ranch, Baker City, Ore.

$4100 H5 465 Domino 8169, 2/08 son of H5 9126 Domino 465.
Buyer-Ed Gross, Reardon, Wash.

$4100 H5 465 Domino 8171, 2/08 son of H5 9126 Domino 465.
Buyer-Dan Forsea and Sons, Richland, Ore.

Harrell Registered Heifers

$1800 H5 Ms 465 Domet 8161, 2/08 daughter of H5 9126 Domino 465.
Buyer - Diamond W Ranch, Madras, Ore.

$1750 H5 Ms 632 Domet 831, 1/08 daughter of KB L1 Domino 632.
Buyer - Overton Ranch, Baker City, Ore.

Commercial Heifers

$910 -- 14 head Hereford heifers.
Buyer - Wheeler Farms, Prosser, Wash.

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