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Harrell Hereford Ranch
42590 Salmon Creek Road
Baker City, Oregon 97814
Office: 541-523-4402
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Bob Harrell Jr.
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29th Annual Bull Round Up Sale Results

March 3, 2008 - Baker City, Oregon

Harrell Hereford Ranch
63 Yearling Bulls $3,717
24 Two Year Old Bulls $2,648
87 Total Bulls $3,422
19 Registered Heifers $1,248
25 Commercial Heifers $ 925
Harrell-Mackenzie Quarter Horses
20 Performance Prospects $3535
3 Yearling Fillies $1033
3 Broodmares $2033
26 Total Quarter Horses $3092
Auctioneer: CD Butch Booker
Sale Management:
United Livestock Brokers, inc.

Harrell Hereford Ranch is a recognized Hereford breeder and American beef industry leader.  Featuring genetically powerful, performance cattle from the high country of Eastern Oregon.  This program is totally commercial-rancher driven through its breeding philosophy, customer service and the innovative “Harrell Hereford-Thomas Angus-Beef Northwest” Northwest Premium Genetic Partners value-added marketing.  Harrell’s progressive “all business, no compromise” approach as seedstock breeders has garnered great respect among reputation cow outfits in the West and breeders across the country.

Bob Harrell, Jr. and family presented their 29th Annual Production Sale at their Baker City, Oregon ranch headquarters.  A 12-state capacity crowd of cattlemen and horsemen was at ringside to evaluate the powerful breeding bull and replacement heifer prospects plus the 10th annual offering of outstanding Harrell-Mackenzie Quarter Horses.

Headlining high-desert mountain-country bred cattle, Harrell Herefords are backed by the Northwest’s #1 milk, EPD cowherd, a battery of industry tested herd sires and offer a trait balance from “cowherd to carcass” proven through the Country Natural Beef program.

One of the top sales of this Spring 2008 season saw ranchers, breeders and horsemen compete to invest in the performance, quality and proven genetics that have become a trademark of the Harrell Hereford and Harrell-Mackenzie Quarter Horse programs.  This was a very successful day for these families who have made a great commitment to the commercial beef industry and performance horse business with the stock they breed.

Top Selling Bulls

$10,250- (3/4 Interest) H5 Domino 7100, 2/07 Son of CJH Harland 408.
Buyer-Van Newkirk Herefords, Oshkosh, Nebraska

$10,000—(3/4 Interest) H5 9126 Domino 752, 2/07 Son of CL 1 Domino 9126J.
Buyer-C&M Herefords, Nara Visa, New Mexico, and Fuston Herefords, Turkey, Texas

$9,000—H5 255 Advance 7110, 2/07 Son of HH Advance 255M
Buyer-Ottley Herefords, Quincy Washington

$6,250—(1/2 Interest) H5 408 Domino 776, 2/07 Son of CJH Harland 408
Buyer-Baumgarten Cattle Co., Belfield, North Dakota

$5,750—H5 408 Domino 743, 2/07 Son of CJH Harland 408
Buyer-Sonoma Mountain Herefords, Petaluma, California

$5,250—H5 408 Domino 7172, 2/07 Son of CJH Harland 408
Buyer-Forsea & Sons, Richland Oregon and F.C. Colton Ranches, North Powder, Oregon

$5,000—H5 Domino 7102, 2/07 Son of CJH Harland 408
Buyer-Forsea & Sons Richland, Oregon and Tom Hill, Baker City, Oregon

$5,000—H5 465 Domino 7162, 2/07 Son of H5 9126 Domino 465
Buyer-Morrell Ranch, Willows, California

$4,750—H5 408 Domino 7115, 2/07 Son of CJH Harland 408
Buyer-LNK Ranches, North Powder, Oregon

$4,700—H5 Domino 712, 1/07 Son of CJH Harland 408
Buyer-Forsea and Sons, Richland, Oregon

$4,500—H5 308 Domino 726, 1/07 Son of 552 Domino 308
Buyer-Table Mountain Co., Mitchell Oregon

$4,500—H5 255 Advance 7106, 2/07 Son of HH Advance 255M
Buyer-Forsea & Sons, Richland, Oregon and Tom Hill, Baker City, Oregon

$4,500 H5 408 Domino 7111, 2/07 Son of CJH Harland 408
Buyer-Zollinger Herefords, Malta, Idaho

Harrell Registered Heifers

$3,200—H5 MS 9126 Domet 7163, 2/07 Daughter of CLI Domino 9126 J
Buyer- Bobbie Kerslake, Bend, Oregon

$1,800—H5 MS 408 Domet 7113, 2/07 Daughter of CJH Harland 408
Buyer-Sonoma Mountain Herefords, Petaluma, California

Commercial Heifers

$925—25 Head Hereford Heifers
Buyer-Wheeler Farms, Prosser Washington

Harrell-Mackenzie Quarter Horses
Performance Prospects

$6000- HR Billy Red Hartona, April 2006 Bay Gelding Sired by Billy Red Baron (Mr. Baron Red).  Buyer-Jill Bridges, Halfway Oregon

$5500- Dakotas Driftin Star, April 2006 Bay Gelding Sired by Star Like Freckles (Gray Starlight).  Buyer- Theile Ranch, Goldendale, Washington.

$5000- Lanes Starlight Doc, May 2006 Bay Gelding Sired by Star Like Freckles. Buyer-Theile Ranch.

$4900- Sugar N Starlight, May 2006 Sorrel Filly Sired by Star Like Freckles. Buyer Prairie Meadows Herefords, Glenarm, Illinois

$4500- HR Diamonds Watch, June 2006 Sorrel Gelding Sired by Diamond J Star (Grays Starlight).  Buyer-Cameron Bros. Ranch, Centerville, Washington

$4500- Rangers Frosted Star, May 206 Sorrel Gelding Sired by Star Like Freckles.  Buyer-Mike Pendergrass, Adrian, Oregon

$4500- Frenchmans Sassy, May 2006 Sorrell Filly Sired by RR Frenchmans Bully (Frenchmans Guy).  Buyer-Prairie Meadows Herefords.

$4000- HR Payin Cash, March 2006 Sorrel Gelding Sired by Payin Doc (Paid By Chic).  Buyer-Mike Patzke, Klamath Falls, Oregon.

$3800- Jetts A Peppy Star, May 2006 Sorrel Gelding Sired by Star Like Freckles.  Buyer-Earl Anderson, Ontario, Oregon

$3400- HR Dusty Hombre, April 2006 Palomino Gelding Son of Genuine Hombre.  Buyer-Dunlap & Sons, Haines Oregon.

Top Yearling

$1950 HR Payin Sandy, May 2007 Sorrel Filly Sired by Payin Doc.                         
Buyer- Boggs Quarter Horses, Baker City, Oregon.

Top Broodmare

$3500 Kilgore Dash, 1996 Gray Mare Sired by Flash or Dash Bred to RR Frenchmans Bully. 
Buyer- AM Dean Ranch & Clymo Quarter Horses, Haines, Oregon.

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