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Harrell Hereford Ranch
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28th Annual Bull Round Up Sale Results

March 5, 2007 - Baker City, Oregon

Harrell Hereford Ranch
66 ¼ Yearling Bulls $3,510
34 Two Year Old Bulls $2,721
100 ¼ Total Bulls $3,242
20 Registered Heifers $1,265
30 Commercial Heifers $ 842
Harrell-Mackenzie Quarter Horses
18 Performance Prospects $3808
2 Quarter Horse yrlg Fillies $1825
2 Quarter Horse Hroodmares $2700
22 Total Quarter Horses $3527
Auctioneer: CD Butch Booker
Sale Management:
United Livestock Brokers, inc.

Harrell Hereford Ranch is one of the west's most respected seedstock leaders. Driven by the economics of the commercial beef industry, their reputation has been built upon a well-recognized cowherd, trait-balanced cattle, and proven high accuracy genetics. Headlining high desert, mountain country bred cattle, the Harrell purebred program is backed by their Oregon country beef commercial cowherd that has proven the genetics from cowherd to carcass.

Bob Harrell, Jr and the Harrell family presented their 28th Annual Production Sale at ranch headquarters in Baker City, Oregon. The event was part of a big rancher-cattlemen's weekend that included the Harrell-Mackenzie Quarter Horse Sale, Thomas Angus Ranch Bull Sale, and special "cattlemen's gathering" that announced the Beef Northwest-Harrell-Thomas "Northwest Premium Genetic Partnership", a new value added marketing program for the principle's customers.

The Harrell 2007 offering was comprised of a volume selection of powerful bulls, first class registered and commercial replacement heifers, and the outstanding Harrell-Mackenzie Quarter Horses. A capacity, seven state crowd of ranchers, breeders, and horsemen competed to invest in the quality, performance, and proven genetics that have become a trademark of these programs. A very successful sale stands as a statement for the reputation of the Harrell and Mackenzie families and the good cattle and horses they breed.

Harrell Hereford Yearling Bulls
$10,500 (3/4 Interest) H5 9126 Domino 677, 2/06 son of CL1 Domino 9126J.
Buyer- Sonoma Mountain Herefords, Petaluma, California

$8,600 (3/4 Interest) H5 255 Advance 6262, 3/06 son ff HH Advance 255M.
Buyer- Camco Herefords, Nara Visa, New Mexico.

$7,000 (3/4 Interest) H5 255 Domino 6132, 2/06 son of HH Advance 255M.
Buyer- Salt Creek Ranch, Kermit, Texas.

$7,000 H5 255 Advance 632, 1/06 son of HH Advance 255m.
Buyer- Camco Herefords, Nara Visa, New Mexico.

$4,900 H5 255 Advance 6178, 2/06 son of HH Advance 255m.
Buyer- Mackenzie Ranch, Baker City, Oregon.

$4,750 H5 9126 Domino 6148. 2/06 son of CL1 Domino 9126J.
Buyer- Monte See, Sweet, Idaho.

$4,400 H5 255 Advance 6131, 2/06 son of HH Advance 255M.
Buyer- Ken Fowle, Etna, California.

$4,300 H5 486 Domino 6121, 2/06 son of CL1 Domino 486P.
Buyer- Triangle Ranches, Heppner, Oregon.

Harrell Two Year Old Bulls
$5,100 H5 9126 Domino 5203et, 2/05 son of CL1 Domino 9126J.
Buyer- Pied Piper Farms, Hamlin, Texas.

$4,750 H5 240 Domino 5162, 2/05 son of CL1 Domino 240M.
Buyer- Table Mountain Cattle Co., Mitchell, Oregon.

Harrell Registered Heifers
$1,600 H5 Ms 246 Domet 6129, 2/06 Daughter Of CL1 Domino 246m.
Buyer- Downing Cattle Co., Terrebonne, Oregon.

Commercial Heifers
$875 10 Head Hereford Heifers.
Buyer- Tim Waller, Elgin, Oregon.

Harrell-Mackenzie Quarter Horses
$5,250 Frosted French Silk, 2004 Palomino Filly sired by RR Frenchmans Bully.
Mackenzie To Mcdonald Livestock, Canby, Oregon.

$5,000 HR Houstons Dunit, 2005 Red Dun Gelding sired by Dunit Rawhide.
Harrell To Robb Ellingson, Baker City, Oregon.

$4,750 HR Rubys Song, 2005 Buckskin Filly sired by Mr Joes Song.
Harrell To Marv Sumner, Baker City, Oregon.

$4,700 Willows Aclassic Two, 2005 Sorrell Filly sired by Billy Red Baron.
Mackenzie To White Livestock, Baker City, Oregon.

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