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MARCH 2, 2015

Auctioneers ~ C.D. "Butch" Booker and Rick Machado
Sale Mgmt. ~ United Livestock Brokers

138  Hereford Bulls                               Avg.  $7554
 47   Hereford Registered Heifers                    3888
 21   Hereford Commercial Heifers                   1850

Harrell-Mackenzie Quarter Horses
17  Two-Yr.-Old Started Geldings & Fillies     6888
 2   Broodmares                                                 3925

Featuring performance cattle from the high country of eastern Oregon, Harrell Hereford Ranch presented a powerful offering of high quality, performance-bred cattle in their 36th annual production sale staged at ranch headquarters, Baker City, Ore.  The auction also included a first class set of performance Quarter Horse prospects for Harrell-Mackenzie Quarter Horses' 17th annual offering.  This sale highlighted a big, three-day "Western Ranchers Event" which drew people from across the U.S. to Baker City for the Performance Horse Preview at the Mackenzie Ranch, the Harrell Hereford and Harrell-Mackenzie Quarter Sale and the Thomas Angus Ranch Spring Production Sale.

Harrell Hereford Ranch is a beef industry driven breeding program focused upon traits of greatest economic value for commercial cowmen and cattle feeders.  Recognized for one of the elite maternal cowherds in the West, Harrells continue to objectively evaluate the value of their H5 branded performance genetics through their commercial Black Baldie cowherd and the Country Natural Beef branded program. Featuring a total breeding program from "cowherd to carcass," balanced trait, fertile beef bulls backed by hi-accuracy sire genetics and beautiful, productive mother cows are the trademark of HHR bred stock.

Harrell-Mackenzie Quarter Horses is one of the very respected performance and ranch horse programs in the Northwest.  High quality, well bred bands of Two Eyed Jack, Skipper W, Sun Frost and Driftwood broodmares are backed by one of the region's elite stallion batteries.  They include Billy Red Baron (AQHA SuperHorse Mr Baron Red), Payin Doc (World's Greatest Horseman Champion Paid By Chic) and RR Frenchmans Bully ($8 Million Sire Frenchmans Guy).  Ranchers, trainers and arena competitors from across the West have invested in these versatile, all-around horses that have gone on to excel on the ranch and in youth, high school, NIRA, USTRC and PRCA rodeo arenas.  The Harrell-Mackenzie offering was comprised of 60-day started, 2013 coming two-yr.-old performance prospect geldings and fillies that were shown in riding routines, on cattle and basic corral roping.

A "sellout" crowd of cattlemen and horseman from 14 states across the country was at ringside and hooked up online and via DISH Network TV.  They competed in a very fast paced auction to invest in the quality and proven genetics for which Harrell Herefords and Harrell-Mackenzie Quarter Horses are known. 

Hereford Yearling Bulls
$22,500   H5 2185 Domino 4118, Feb. 2014 son of H5 9131 Domino 2185.  Buyer - Sidwell Herefords, Colo.

$22,500   H5 1147 Advance 417, Feb. 2014 son of H5 4055 Advance 1147.  Buyer - Sandrock Ranch, Wisc.

$19,000   H5 2185 Domino 490, Feb. 2014 son of H5 9131 Domino 2185.  Buyer - Stephenson Hereford Ranch, Ida.

$14,000   H5 9131 Domino 4197, Feb. 2014 son of H5 9131 Domino 2185.  Buyer - VanNewkirk Herefords, Neb.

$13,000   H5 2185 Domino 4111, Feb. 2014 son of H5 9131 Domino 2185.  Buyer - Turnbull Ranches, Ida.

$13,000   H5 1147 Advance 4149, Feb. 2014 son of H5 4055 Advance 1147.  Buyer - Imig Herefords, Neb. 

$12,500  H5 2185 Domino 4201, Feb. 2014 son of H5 9131 Domino 2185.  Buyer - VanNewkirk Herefords.

$12,000   H5 9131 Domino 472, Feb. 2014 son of H5 Yankee 9131.  Buyer - Dan Forsea & Sons, Ore.

$11,500   H5 2185 Domino 4176, Feb. 2014 son of H5 9131 Domino 2185.  Buyer - VanNewkirk Herefords.

Hereford Two-Yr.-Old Bulls
$13,250   H5 7100 Domino 368, Feb. 2013 son of H5 408 Domino 7100.  Buyer - Lazy J Bar Ranch, Colo.

$13,000   H5 1174 Advance 3332, Mar. 2013 son of H5 4055 Advance 1174.  Buyer - 50/50 Land & Cattle, Cal.

$12,500   H5 8144 Advance 3316, Mar. 2013 son of HH Advance 8144U.  Buyer - 50/50 Land & Cattle.

$12,000   H5 9027 Advance 3277. Mar, 2013 son of HH Advance 9027W.  Buyer - Salmon Falls Land & Livestock, Ida.

Hereford Registered Heifers
$8800   H5 Ms 161 Advance 4160, Feb. 2014 dgtr. of H5 9027 Advance 161.  Buyer - Loehr & Stephens Herefords, Ill.

$8250   H5 Ms 2185 Domet 4252, Feb. 2014 dgtr. of H5 9131 Domino 2185.  Buyer - Sandrock Ranch, Wisc.

$8000   H5 Ms 5216 Domet 480, Feb. 2014 dgtr. of UPS Domino 5216,  Buyer - Loehr & Stephens Herefords, Ill.

Harrell-Mackenzie Quarter Horses
$11,500   Scouts Payin Star, May 2013, Payin Doc x All Starlight sorrel gelding.  Buyer - Scott Reiners, S. Dak.

$10,500   HR Barons Rebel, May 2013, Billy Red Baron x Mr Baron Red chestnut gelding.  Buyer - Gary Hansen, Wash.

$9750   HR Payin Mickey, May 2013, Payin Doc x Classic Watch sorrel gelding.  Buyer - Yolo Land & Cattle, Cal.

$8250   HR Barons Kino, June 2013, Billy Red Baron x Payin Doc sorrel gelding.  Buyer - Salmon Falls Land & LIvestock, Ida. 

$7500   HR Barons Willow, June 2013, Billy Red Baron x Payin Doc sorrell filly.  Buyer - Kramer Ranch, Cal.

$7250   HR Payin Cactus, May 2013, Payin Doc x Nu Cash sorrel gelding.  Buyer - Parks Ranch, Cal.

$7000   Alamos Sun Fire Dox, May 2013, A Firewater Twist RB x Sun Frost palomino gelding.  Buyer - Hellberg Farms, Ore.

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